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The futility is finally paying off. Too harsh? Maybe, but the Senators have had a rough go of it since the 2017 Eastern Conference finals. Immediately becoming a bottom-end team, the Senators have taken a long and winding road to what has become a steady and solid rebuild. Most teams do things in a fairly simple and straightforward manner in a rebuild. Realize you’re bad, get worse by trading for picks, use those picks to play the lottery in the middle rounds of the draft, hit on your top picks each year. The Senators aren’t most teams. So before we can evaluate the offseason and get to what they’ve done for their prospect pool, it seems necessary to lay out how they got there.

November 5, 2017: Matt Duchene Trade

This set the table for everything to come after. This trade was made at a time when the Senators were coming off an improbable conference final run and a hot start to the season despite analytics showing that they were likely not going to be able to keep up the facade. The price was an impediment to a team that would be in a rebuild by season’s end. Shane Bowers, a first-round pick in either 2018 or 2019 (They kept the 2018 pick and took Brady Tkachuk Jersey), Kyle Turris Jersey and Andrew Hammond were all exiting the Canadian capital with just Duchene coming in.

February 26, 2018: Trade Deadline sell-off

The Senators had realized the error in their belief that they were a contending team and began the sell-off. Trading Derek Brassard and flipping Ian Cole were smart moves that brought in some assets that were desperately needed. Finishing the day with Pittsburgh’s 2018 first-rounder and possible goaltender of the future, Filip Gustavsson, the Sens began to look to the future.

June 19, 2020: Mike Hoffman Trade(s)

The situation had clearly gone too far and there were fences that were unable to be mended. For the details on why Hoffman had to go, you can check out the Ottawa Citizen report. Why this is significant was that the Senators looked to have been fleeced by the San Jose Sharks. Here’s how it went down. The Senators traded Hoffman, Cody Donaghey, and a 2020 5th round pick to the Sharks for Mikael Boedker, Julius Bergman, and a 2020 sixth-round pick. Just hours later, the Sharks flipped Hoffman to the Panthers for a 2018 fourth and fifth-round pick and a 2019 second-round pick. The Sens HAD to trade Hoffman, the Sharks knew that and took advantage. They didn’t need the scoring help at the time and they knew they could recoup the assets and use the trade to clear Boedker from their books. Tidy work by the Sharks, as long as karma doesn’t come back for you.

June 22, 2018: Draft Pick Decision Day/Brady Tkachuk

The day had arrived and the Senators had to make a choice as to whether they would keep their 2018 first-round pick and send their 2019 pick to Colorado to help complete the Duchene trade or get the pain out of the way immediately and forfeit their 2018 4th overall pick. The team elected to make their 2018 selection and announce the pick of Brady Tkachuk. This would mean they would forfeit their 2019 first-round pick to Colorado.

September 13, 2018: Erik Karlsson Trade

I’m going to let our good friends at CapFriendly take this one. There was a lot. Did they win the trade? Not the day they made it. Some luck helped them win it in the end though. We’ll get to that.

Erik Karlsson Trade courtesy of CapFriendly

February 25, 2019: Trade Deadline sell-off of Duchene, Dzingel, and Stone

They didn’t have their own first-rounder because of acquiring Duchene in November 2017 but they did what they had to do. They traded Duchene, effectively admitting the mistake, collecting the Columbus first-round pick, and Vitaly Abramov who has shown some promise. For Ryan Dzingel Jersey, the Senators were able to add two second-round picks. Mark Stone Jersey, the biggest prize of the bunch, brought back highly touted prospect Erik Brannstrom and a second-round pick. Overall it was a solid step forward for a team in a rebuild that needed to add draft capital as they approached a draft where they were on track to give up a top-five pick.

June 21, 2019: Watching Colorado make their pick

The 2019 draft is still up in the air in terms of the results the Senators generated but they look to have found something interesting in Shane Pinto who is impressing in with the University of North Dakota. Lassi Thomson has had an up-and-down development with some playing time woes with Ilves of the Liiga, but he will look to make the team in the coming year. A decent haul. The problem? They watched the Avalanche walk up to the podium at fourth overall and select defender Bowen Byram.

July 1, 2019: Ceci for Zaitsev and Brown

The Senators traded Cody Ceci Jersey, Ben Harpur, Aaron Luchuk, and a third-round pick in 2020 for Connor Brown Jersey and Nikita Zaitsev Jersey. This trade got them a good player in Connor Brown who can help play in the middle-six and has the experience from being around the Leafs rebuild and a defender who provided negative value on what Ceci was providing. For a longer-term. Head scratcher to say the least.

February 24, 2020: J.G. Pageau traded to NYI

The Senators sent one of their most productive players to the Islanders for what resulted in a first and a second-round pick in the 2020 draft. The first was used to select Ridly Grieg and the second was used to trade up for Tyler Kleven. Pageau proved valuable for the Islanders and re-signed with the club long term. The Sens also sent out Tyler Ennis and Vlad Namestnikov for late-round picks as well.

October 6, 2020: The Game-Changing Draft

Although they may not have won the draft in the eyes of many like they were expected to with their glut of picks, they added some very good talent to their prospect pool. Tim Stuetzle, Jake Sanderson, Roby Jarventie and Tyler Kleven have all gained fans in the Senators’ fan base with their play thus far in the early going of their draft+1 year. For a more in-depth breakdown of their 2020 NHL Draft, check out the November 31-in-31!

Lady Luck was on their side!

There were a few moments where luck played a major role. The first time we saw luck play a role was when the Colorado Avalanche were awarded the Senators pick, it had fallen out of the top-two to the fourth overall pick, giving up Byram rather than Jack Hughes or Kaapo Kakko. This little gift of luck was enough to make the loss of the pick, and the decision to take Tkachuk the year prior, look much better in hindsight.

The Karlsson trade looked like one gold bar for a pocket of change when it was made. Now it looks like that gold bar was fake and the change had a few coins worth some money. Josh Norris has turned into a legitimate top-six prospect who should be a valuable piece to the Senators’ rebuild over the next couple of years. The first-round pick they acquired netted them Tim Stuetzle at third overall in the 2020 draft. They also collected a couple of second-round picks, including one in the upcoming 2021 draft. Chris Tierney Jersey filled a role and gave the Senators some valuable minutes to get through their rebuild. Rudolf Balcers looks to make the jump full-time this upcoming season.

As for Erik Karlsson Jersey? Let’s just say that his Ottawa highlights will be what we all remember unless something drastically changes as the aging blueliner has been decimated by injuries. Not only that but the wheels fell off for the San Jose Sharks this past season as the team finished in the bottom three after being a perennial contender to make deep playoff runs. Maybe the karma from the Mike Hoffman Jersey trades came back to bite them. Whatever happened that made all this lineup, that’s a decent bit of luck.

Had those two lucky twists of fate never occurred, the Senators may still be looking to kickstart this rebuild. So here we are. The Senators have a top-10 prospect pool, the roster is young and improving and they will likely get a couple more high draft picks. At least this upcoming season should be fun with the injection of youth.

This is an interesting area for the Senators. The general threshold for this group is 35+ NHL games in the previous season. For the purpose of this exercise and the circumstances around the Senators, prospects play last season with a shortened year due to COVID and their desire to ease prospects into the lineup, we will focus on players who are on the cusp of graduating and who should be stepping into the lineup fulltime this year.

LHD Erik Brännström
The prize piece of the Mark Stone trade, Brännström will look to take the step into the NHL that many looked for him to take last year. He started the year off well, playing in the Senators opening night lineup against the Maple Leafs where despite the loss, he played well and made an impact on a full-effort play by stopping Auston Matthews’ hat trick goal with an empty net and taking a beating because of it.

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The reports come from TSN’s Shawn Simpson, host of the Ottawa-based sports radio station TSN 1200.

The potential for a trade between the Coyotes and Senators for Stepan is something that has been considered before, with the two sides seemingly well-suited to making a deal happen that can benefit both parties.

For the Senators, Stepan would be a strong leadership player that costs very little in terms of real dollars – accounting for just $2 million in actual salary while holding a cap hit of $6.5 million.

Stepan’s $3 million signing bonus was paid months ago, meaning that the biggest issue around the deal is his cap hit, which the Senators currently have plenty of with the majority of their roster expected to be made up of young, promising prospects.

The Sens do have a plethora of center options, with the likes of Artem Anisimov Jersey, Chris Tierney Jersey, Colin White Jersey, and even Logan Brown knocking on the door, so it could be expected that a player in that position is sent in the opposite direction.

However, the Canadian club could opt to go veteran-heavy during this 56-game season and keep prospects in the minors to over-season before calling up the very best the season after.

Thomas Chabot Jersey was just leaving the Canadian Tire Centre Wednesday afternoon when he picked up the phone and talked about the upcoming season.

As the Ottawa Senators’ defenceman prepares to spend Christmas at his Ottawa home, he can finally see the finish line to the longest off-season he’s ever experienced and he’ll be quite happy to enjoy this short break from skating to prepare for the opening of training camp New Year’s Eve at the rink.

The 23-year-old Chabot, who’s expected to serve as one of the alternate captains along with Brady Tkachuk Jersey and a couple of veterans, is excited about the changes made by general manager Pierre Dorion as coach D.J. Smith heads into his second season behind the bench.

“We always talk about the fact that we’re in a rebuild and we want to be a better team for the upcoming years,” Chabot told Postmedia. “To see the players and the pieces that we added, and you look at the draft, and all the young guys that are gaining another year by gaining experience and getting a bit older, if you combine everything I feel we’re going to do well.


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“We’re happy with what we have. We’re going to face some teams that are better on paper than us. Everyone is just excited. Everybody we went and got is excited to be here. Everyone wants to start winning games and turning things around.”

Chabot’s eight-year, $64 million contract extension will kick in this season and down the road you’d have to think he’s the top candidate to be named the club’s captain. Of course, Tkachuk will also get consideration.

Chabot has been back in Ottawa for just over three months. He was skating at his home near Quebec City, but left there in the fall when the rinks were closed because the city was designated as a red zone. He’s been working with strength coach Chris Schwarz and until a couple of weeks ago was skating at the Bell Sensplex with local pros.

It’s nice to have a target and knowing Opening Night will take place Jan. 15 with a Battle of Ontario against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

“The working out part has been fine but it’s been hard gauging when are we going to start,” Chabot said. “Anybody would tell you that we always try to peak at some point to get ready for camp. This summer has been different because there’s been a lot of different peaks, a lot of different times you’ve let down a little bit and maybe you’ve worked out a little bit lighter because we’ve been at it for so long.

“At the end of the day, it’s part of what we were dealing with. We knew that coming into this situation. Now, that we know we’re back. Everybody’s excited. We’ve got quite a few guys here and it’s good to see how many guys are in town, excited to get going and to get know each other. The skates have been hard, high-paced and they’ve been great.”

For the Coyotes, parting ways with Stepan would mean a few things. It would potentially free up $6.5 million in cap space, allowing the team to target some other preferred players while leaving more gaps through the middle of the offense.

The Coyotes need more centers in their line-up, so parting ways with a player that is proven at the position would be a surprise, if not for the former New York Ranger’s decreasing offensive production in Rick Tocchet’s system.

After registering a healthy 56 points in his debut season in the desert, his season totals have plummeted to 35 and 28 respectively – not great numbers for a player that often plays on the team’s top offensive line.

Under Senators head coach D.J. Smith, Stepan would likely regain his strong offensive touch and become an extremely valuable piece in their North Division campaign.

Stepan isn’t likely to put up big numbers under Tocchet again, unfortunately, meaning that the fan-favorite and alternate captain of the team is more than likely out of the door if the Coyotes can get value for him.

GM Bill Armstrong will be determined to add more draft picks, with the team making one pick in the first three rounds of the 2021 Draft – something that the Senators may be willing to accommodate with the potential value Stepan could give them.

This is still an early report, but with the NHL season now just around the corner, it wouldn’t be surprising to see things move much faster than they previously would have, especially if teams are required to stick to strict bubbles – something that could impact trades this upcoming season.

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The Belleville Senators, the AHL affiliate of the Ottawa Senators, announced this evening that the team will remain in the City of Belleville through at least the 2026-27 American Hockey League season.

The terms of the original agreement between the Belleville Senators and the city has been extended by another two years until June 30, 2027. There maintains a renewal option for another term once completed.

Additionally, a letter of intent has been signed agreeing that Belleville’s payments and interest calculations have been deferred until the end of the 2020-21 AHL season while the free rent period on CAA Arena, the team’s home, has been extended for 16 months. The agreement was made to help allow Belleville to get through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since its inception ahead of the 2017-18 season, the Belleville Senators have developed and produced many current members of the Ottawa Senators including Drake Batherson, Thomas Chabot Jersey, Marcus Hogberg Jersey, Nick Paul Jersey and Colin White Jersey among others.

OTTAWA – The Ottawa Senators announced today the appointment of three key executives who have officially joined the organization.

* Tom Hoof is the club’s new vice president, marketing;

* Jeff Morander will serve as executive vice president, ticket sales and service; and

* Gregg Olson has been named chief financial officer.

The hockey club also announced that Anthony LeBlanc, president of business operations, has been signed to a long-term contract extension and also named alternate governor. Marcello Pecora has been promoted to the position of vice president, finance. John Miszuk, a long-standing executive and consultant for Senators’ owner and chairman, Eugene Melnyk, has been promoted to the club’s board of directors.

“I am excited to be adding three very experienced sports executives to our front office team along with having Anthony in place to lead our business operations for the long-term,” said Eugene Melnyk, Ottawa Senators owner and chairman. “We had a very productive off-season building our club on the ice. At the same time, we strengthened our management team to ensure our plans for success off the ice and in our community are realized.”

[Senators 31 IN 31: Season preview | 3 Questions | Behind the Numbers | Fantasy breakdown]

1. Tim Stuetzle, F
How acquired: Selected with No. 3 pick in 2020 NHL Draft

2019-20 season: Mannheim (DEL): 41 GP, 7-27-34

Stuetzle (6-foot-1, 187 pounds) had arm surgery after training with Mannheim of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga on Oct. 15 and is skating again. He was one of 27 players named to Germany for the 2021 IIHF World Junior Championship and said he expects to be ready for the tournament, which is scheduled for Dec. 25-Jan. 5.

The 18-year-old likely will begin his NHL career at left wing but eventually could shift to center.

“Tim Stuetzle’s an elite talent, he’s a dynamic offensive talent, he’s got great speed, great hockey IQ, great skills,” Senators general manager Pierre Dorion said. “At the same time, he’s someone who generates offense on a consistent basis shift after shift. We look forward to having him in our lineup as soon as [this season].”

Projected NHL arrival: This season

31 in 31: Ottawa Senators
07:16 • December 3, 2020

2. Erik Brannstrom, D
How acquired: Trade from Vegas Golden Knights on Feb. 25, 2019

2019-20 season: Ottawa: 31 GP, 0-4-4; Belleville (AHL): 27 GP, 3-20-23

Brannstrom (5-9, 181) has recovered from the wrist injury that ended his season with Belleville of the American Hockey League in February and is playing on loan for SCL of the Swiss National League. The 21-year-old struggled at times in the NHL last season, but the Senators were encouraged by the confidence he built after being sent to the AHL. He’ll be given the opportunity to make the NHL roster this season but could again spend time developing in Belleville.

“He’s close (to NHL-ready), but in my opinion, I think he needs to stay healthy and that he needs another chunk of games in the AHL,” Belleville coach Troy Mann said. “There’s nothing wrong with that because he’s a young player and plays a tough position on defense.”

Projected NHL arrival: This season

3. Josh Norris, F
How acquired: Trade from San Jose Sharks on Sept. 13, 2018

2019-20 season: Ottawa: 3 GP, 0-0-0; Belleville (AHL): 56 GP, 31-30-61

Norris (6-2, 192) could be ready to compete for an NHL roster spot after he progressed in Belleville last season. The 21-year-old center won the Dudley “Red” Garrett Memorial Award as AHL Rookie of the Year and was named an AHL First Team All-Star and to the All-Rookie Team. The Senators were impressed by his improvement defensively and said he has the potential to be a top-six forward in the NHL.

“I don’t know if we could have asked anything more of Josh last year in his development,” Mann said.

Projected NHL arrival: This season

4. Alex Formenton, F
How acquired: Selected with No. 47 pick in 2017 NHL Draft

2019-20 season: Belleville (AHL): 61 GP, 27-26-53

The Senators are interested to see what kind of push Formenton (6-2, 165) makes for a roster spot when training camp begins. The 21-year-old, whose trademark is his exceptional skating, is expected to battle with Stuetzle for a spot on left wing, although each could begin the season on the roster. Formenton was second in scoring among AHL rookies to Norris and was named to the AHL All-Rookie Team. Mann said he is “on the cusp” of making the roster.

“His speed is certainly going to translate at the NHL level,” Mann said.

Projected NHL arrival: This season

5. Jake Sanderson, D
How acquired: Selected with No. 5 pick in 2020 NHL Draft

2019-20 season: USA U-18 (NTDP): 47 GP, 7-22-29

Sanderson (6-2, 185) is playing his freshman season at the University of North Dakota, where he is teammates with Senators defenseman prospects Jacob Bernard-Docker and Tyler Kleven, and forward Shane Pinto. The 18-year-old was invited to the United States National Junior Team selection camp and has a good chance to make the team. Dorion said Sanderson was the best defenseman in the 2020 NHL Draft.

“He plays an all-around game, he’s a high-compete player,” Dorion said. “He’s someone that defends well and takes the body. He’s very underrated at what he brings to the table.”